Saturday, November 10, 2012

20121110: The Walking Dead

“Never knew that a part of us would be so drawn to this series.”

After dinner at ybT’s birthday, as we were staring at the empty plates & the birthday cake, with mrK’s son running around in the background, somehow the conversation talk about arT on the wall d├ęcor society science & vampires suddenly moved towards that zombie apocalypto thingy. My my … wasn’t really prepared for the shift in gear from that fine textured chocolate cake dessert to fascination about mindless rotten flesh with a basic biting instinct.

That horror drama so terrible that our parents won’t let their children watch. That show people watch after dinner for abetting indigestion or fit for show during supper time at kopi-tiam.

It’s that realization human nature of sorts that makes it so delightful to small talk after dinner. That shades of good old being we call humanity, rearing its good & ugly head in the name of survival. Of family, close friends & comrades and if they die, afterwards the walking dead that you had to put down.

It’s not short of huge surprise element, sometimes comedic life and death situation at times least expected. The temporary quiet before the kill or be killed. Making it so unbearable to not watch & wanting for more.

When economy is bad, some film maker discovered that horror will sell. Deep down inside, people would want to escape from the fear of lowered income & take their mind off the rising cost of living & a temporary Escapia into another realm. Nowadays, seems like not all the people have the stomach for this gore & bloody horror. People want to be bleach white & sanitized. Zooming in on the microbia until they overlook the elephant in the room called the present.

A moving herd chasing after a live prey represents in essence Organized Chaos. Where a group of entity having one sole goal and will do the only thing driven by that deep primal instinct.